California Moves to Decriminalize ‘Shrooms, Other Psychedelic Drugs

Soon, Californians may be able to take trips without even leaving the state.

The California Assembly on Tuesday began debating SB-519, a bill that calls for the decriminalization of magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs for residents 21 years of age and older. If the legislation is signed into law, California will be the second U.S. state — after Oregon — to decriminalize psychedelics.

Senator Scott Weiner, who authored the bill, says passing it will end a law that targets people of color. “The racist war on drugs, which has fueled mass incarceration and torn apart communities — particularly communities of color — has not made us any safer,” Wiener says. “For 50 years, the war on drugs has not made us safer. We have incarcerated as many people as possible, and we have had no benefit.”

Is this the right solution to “the racist war on drugs?”

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