CDC Director Says Vaccine Could Roll Out Mid-December

The head of the CDC says a coronavirus vaccine could be arriving very soon – and just in time for Christmas.

On Tuesday, CDC Director Robert Redfield told Fox News a vaccine would roll out “probably by the end of the second week in December”.
While no vaccine has been approved yet, the FDA will meet on December 10th to decide whether to grant emergency authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine, which the company says was 95% effective in late-stage testing.

Redfield says the first batches of vaccine would go to nursing home residents and health care workers, and that “hopefully by March we’ll start to see the vaccine available for the general public.”

Do you think the vaccine approval process is being rushed at all to be approved before the end of the year? If the vaccine is available to the public by March, when do you think things will go back to ‘normal’?

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