CNet: Don’t Buy The Facebook Portal TV

It seems like Megan Wollerton over at CNet is giving the new Facebook Portal TV a chance but she recommends avoiding the small gadget with video chat capabilities over the same thing its company is in hot water for; spreading false information and disregarding your privacy. Wollerton called the Facebook Portal TV “a solidly performing, decently-priced device” but shares that Facebook is such a mess right now that she can’t, in good conscience, recommend any of their products. Facebook still uses a fact-checking sourced from a company that posts news from white supremacists. The social media giant also continues to post political ads as it’s still under fire for its role in election meddling. As the company tries to roll out Facebook News it still grabs stories from extreme sites like Breitbart. She also points out that Facebook still hasn’t shared how they use your personal data.

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