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Let me tell you how my life has changed…

About 3 months ago I decided I was tired of wearing glasses. I was sick of having to pack extra contacts, glasses, contact solution, drops, and extra contact cases with me every time I left the house. I was tired of going on vacation and not jumping in the hotel pool with friends because I was nervous I would lose a contact lens. I didn’t want to live through another spring suffering through allergy season, unable to wear contacts when my eyes would swell up after my allergy medicine didn’t work. These are just a few of the reasons I was tired of glasses and contacts – not to mention all the thousands of dollars I had spent on them over the years.

Register for the Open House on May 14th and see a Lasik procedure. Reserve your spot now, seating is limited!

So I went down to Lehi to check out Waite Vision. I had looked at a lot of places and had gone in for a couple of consultations over the past couple of years, but I have really bad eyes – negative 9 in each eye. Frankly, my eyeballs are shaped more like footballs than soccer balls. There just didn’t seem to be a great option to help me. I wasn’t a candidate for Lasik or PRK. I needed better science.

Walking into Waite Vision is more like walking into a boutique hotel. It’s quite relaxing. There was no “buy one, get one free” vibe. I mean, let’s face it, these are my eyes. I’d gladly take a discount on a hamburger, a lawnmower, or even a car, but not for something like this. No, for my eyes I wanted the best. I wanted a skilled doctor with the best technology and a great deal of experience.

“I can fix that.” Those were the first words Dr. Waite said to me as he examined at the thickness of the lenses of my glasses. He seemed pretty confident. It’s as if he knew that in a very short amount of time, I’d be getting rid of those glasses. So I came back a few days later. His friendly staff put me through the appropriate tests to gauge which procedure would be the best for me. They were very thorough. Then I talked to the doctor and he told me, as the other doctors had told me, that my eyes were quite bad and that I wasn’t a candidate for Lasik or PRK (two standard ways of correcting vision), but I should really consider ICL – implantable contact lenses.

Waite Vision

Implantable?! This made me a bit nervous. The idea of putting a foreign object in my body, let alone in my eyes, isn’t my idea of a good time. But hey! Dick Cheney has had all sorts of devices keeping his heart pumping (even someone else’s heart), so why should I be bothered with a couple of light-bending lenses? Dr. Waite then explained further that they would place a small, rectangular contact lens between my natural lens and cornea. It would be a fairly quick procedure that I would be awake and I’d feel little pressure, but not really any pain. It was sounding better. They even said I could listen could have any music I wanted playing in the operating room during my amazing ocular upgrade.

Register for the Open House on May 14th and see a Lasik procedure. Reserve your spot now, seating is limited!

“But what if someone bounces a tennis ball off my head? Can’t the lens get dislodged?” I asked. He told me about police officers and military personnel thrived after the procedure. I’d essentially have the eyesight of jetfighter pilot…more or less. I did the mental math and decided my lifestyle is nowhere as dangerous, active, or strenuous as those professions, so I decided to roll the dice. I am VERY glad I did. We set my appointment and two months ago, I went into Waite Vision and Dr. Waite and his team of professional miracle-makers went to work and did my left eye. A week later, my right (the documentary is currently in post-production). A day after ICL, I was able to drive.

And now, two months later (and really, much sooner than that) my eyesight is 20/15 boarding on 20/10. I never thought I would have eyesight this amazing and accurate without contacts or glasses. I’ve donated my glasses. I’ve thrown out my contact lenses, contact solution, chums, contact cases, and all the accessories I’ve gathered over the years. I have vacations planned, concerts to see, hiking to do, adventures to undertake, water-skiing skills to acquire, and I’ve even thought about taking up sharpshooting just to really give my new vision a workout. The sky is the limit now that I can actually see the sky.

Where the magic happens!

So let me say that if you are sick of contacts and glasses and want to be done with them, I strongly recommend attending this open house at Waite Vision on May 14th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. You can ask me questions about my procedure. You can ask the doctor and staff anything you’d like about the services they can provide for you and about financing. Dr. Waite and his staff will perform an actual Lasik procedure you can watch and ask the patient questions before and after. You’ll even receive $50 off your initial comprehensive evaluation (usually a $150 fee) if you schedule that night (pre-payment is required and will be applied to your vision correction procedure). I think you’ll be amazed at how fast the procedure is. It’s quite amazing. There will even be refreshments!

See you there,


Register for the Open House on May 14th and see a Lasik procedure. Reserve your spot now, seating is limited!

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