Condo with Thousands of Budweiser Cans Lining its Walls Sells for $100K

A Florida condo that’s lined with thousands of Budweiser cans has sold for just over $100,000.

The 815-square-foot home’s previous owner, Michael Amelotte, spent 16 years stacking and lining his ceilings and floors with beer cans before he passed away recently at the age of 69. While some real estate agents might not consider the Bud-lined home an easy sell, the unidentified purchaser actually paid more than the $100,000 asking price after getting into a bidding war, says estate representative Kris Johnson.

“Mike drank Budweiser beer since the day he turned 21,” says Johnson, who was friends with Amelotte. “He just got a bug one day, and said, ‘You know, Kris, I’ve got so many cans in my house, I’m going to start wallpapering my house with Budweiser. And by God, he did! He drank Budweiser for some 40-odd years.”

What’s the strangest item you’ve used to decorate your home? Do you collect anything?

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