Coors Light Will Let You Trade Your Quarantine Clutter for Free Beer

Coors Light is helping you de-clutter from all of your pandemic shopping.

They are also rewarding you in beer.

The offer is only open to residents of Georgia and Nevada.

At the designated locations and time you can take items you would normally donate to charity to the Coors location and receive beer as your compensation.

Couple rules. You have to check the website as there are specific items you can not donate.

When you get to the location they will weigh your items.

The beer equation is as follows- 1-10 pounds in items = #10 rebate for beer which is a 12 pack

10-20 pounds in items = $25 rebate for beer which is a 30 pack of beer.

Over 30 pounds in beer equals a $50 rebate. No mattresses, no cars so are sure to check the website for the rules.

What do you think of this idea?

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