Corey O’Brien’s Community and Concert Calendar | Week of June 8th

Every Wednesday at 9am Corey O’Brien (x96, 7p to midnight) joins Radio From Hell to keep you from sitting home.

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Wednesday 6/8

Salt City Sounds Concert Series “E-40” at The Gallivan Center

90’s hip hop legend E-40, who has released 22 albums, performs as part of the Salt City Sounds concert series at The Gallivan Center. Beer garden and a warm, evening summer breeze. Perfect for hip-hop.

Details here. 

Local H “As Good As Dead” Tour at Urban Lounge

One thing I have always loved about Local H is their ability to never really go positive. It was always easy for people to call them a Nirvana wannabe, but their music has always been relevant to me and the return to The Urban Lounge tonight to play their 90’s masterpiece, “As Good As Dead” in its entirety along with their original drummer.  21+

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The Wombats at The Complex

British band The Wombats are finally coming close with a U.S. hit with the current song, “Give Me a Try”, they are back in SLC playing The Complex. Great band and great show if you aren’t old enough to hit up Local H.

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Thursday 6/9

Ogden Twilight | Crystal Castles

Week number 2 of Ogden’s Twilight moves along at The Ogden Amphitheatre with Canadian duo, Crystal Castles. Get your ticket for $5 and you can roll on the Frontrunner for free. Just make sure you don’t miss the last train just after 11p or you’ll be stranded on 25th street (not a bad thing).

Friday 6/10

Bonanza Campout

A multi-day music festival in Utah? Why not. Camping, music, art, party featuring bands such as Cold War Kids, Jr. Jr. Joywave and more, hopefully, this will turn into a Utah tradition. From their website: “Nestled near the old mining town of Park City, Utah. Rivers Edge, provides a secluded compound perfect for live music, local art installations and camping. To round out the experience Bonanza will feature local brews, eateries, variety of entertainment and brand activations.”

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Read NoFX’s Autobiography “The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories”



“The first time I drank ____ was on a fire escape overlooking downtown Los Angeles.” Go ahead and take a play Madlibs with that one. Find a park somewhere and pick up one of the most punk books you may every read. Told from the band members recollections (how they remember much of anything they did is anyone’s guess) are they rose to the top of 90’s punk infamy among other things. And go figure, it’s  New York Times Bestseller.

Saturday 6/11

Earth Jam at Liberty Park

Because you love Earth. It sustains life and you like it here. It’s way better than Mars. “his event began March 28, 1992.
After twenty four years Earth Jam productions is ready to bounce back with a spectacular event. This Event is FREE and open to the public. Lots of bands, you can take a frisbee, get in on some volleyball and enjoy the sun. Oh, and they are looking for participants for their goddess pageant.

More details.

The Bicycle Collective Present Bike Prom

Bike Lake City! Green Bikes and green lanes or bring your own. “Bike Prom is the Bicycle Collective’s annual party and your chance to dress up in fancy attire while cycling through town with 1500 of your best friends. This year we’re taking over the street! Expect a kickoff from Pioneer Park (new location), streamlined registration before the ride, an indoor/outdoor party, multiple bars, food trucks, and even more tomfoolery and celebrations.” Sounds like a pretty solid way to make new friends. They say single, couples, groups all welcome though I would say if you aren’t over 21 you may not have as much fun as the other cyclists.


Sunday 6/12

Salt Lake’s Urban Flea Market

Because someone’s old cool stuff is someone else’s old cool stuff, but sometimes they have to pass some of it on you may never know what treasure you may find during Salt Lake’s Urban Flea Market at 600 South and Main. From their Facebook page: “The market will open at 9:00 AM and feature over 80 vendors offering the best eclectic and unique vintage finds. Local crafters will provide cool handcrafted, upcycled vintage and antique items. Raw Bean Coffee House will be serving coffee and tea to enjoy while you browse and Chow Truck, City Streets Gourmet and 3 Brothers Tacos will be grilling delicious favorites throughout the day, and as always it’s FREE TO ATTEND!”

More information.

Monday 6/13

Salt Lake Bee vs Tacoma Rainers at Smith’s Ballpark

Monday night heckling at Smith’s Ballpark. Get some friends, a hot dog, a cap and maybe some beer for some baseball.

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Tuesday 6/14

Switchfoot at The Complex

Switchfoot are back in Salt Lake preparing for the release of their new album, “When the Light Shines Through” in July. San Diego guys with a pretty special place in my own heart since they once gave me my first ever surf lesson. True story. Always great when these guys are in town.

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If there are any events you think people would like to know about and I’d like to tell them about, hit me up on Twitter: @Coreyx96


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