Corey O’Brien’s Community & Concert Calendar | Week of June 15th

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Wednesday 6/15

•Cruicialfest 6

Taking place at various locales through Salt Lake, Crucialfest is 4 nights for music lovers. Over 50 bands will be performing metal, hardcore, rock, rock-core, core-hard, metal-core, core-core, and probably some hard metal. One highlight for me is New Transit Direction will be performing and I along with X96 have always been fans. Also, performing will be Valient Thorr, Ether and Subrosa.

Get tickets here.
Full line-up and details here

•Sugarhouse Farmer’s Market

In the world of farmer’s markets, this one’s in Sugarhouse. Not only is the to opening Sugarhouse Farmer’s Market, but it’s in a new location: Fairmont Park, aka the Sugarhouse Skate Park, aka Fair-mount Park (I’ve really heard it called that).  You can enjoy the freshest of the fresh and get to know you neighbors and find out what they eat – then  judge them accordingly. As with most farmer’s markets, get there early or all the good stuff will be gone.

Details here.

Thursday 6/16

•Ogden Twilight | Wild Belle, On and On, VanLadyLove

Week number 3 of Ogden’s Twilight moves along at The Ogden Amphitheatre with Wild Belle – a band I really want to like, but with lyrics like “Throw down your guns / throw down your guns / In the name of love / I put my hands up” I could stay at home and be better off reading Dr. Suess for a dose of originality. If that seems harsh, I’ll point out that Lorde wasn’t wrong when she sang “I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there.” The good news is VanLadyLove is opening so make sure to get their early. The Ogden Amphitheatre is a great venue and O-town should be proud of it. Get your ticket for $5 and you can roll on the Frontrunner for free. Just make sure you don’t miss the last train just after 11p or you’ll be stranded on 25th street (not a bad thing as the rooftop bar at Alleged is loud with great views of the scene).


•Blue October: The Home Tour

The band we love for a couple of reasons: genuine lyrics, passionate and they are fantastic live. Blue October is playing The Depot and the show is sold-out, so talk to a scalper or join X96 for a free Lounge X performance at noon. It’s a first come first serve sort of thing, but you can meet the band and get a photo with them.

Tickets (there’s always a change they could release more)

•Monkee’s 50th Anniversary Tour

Red Butte, the land of cougar’s drinking Pabst will host a band you will enjoy mostly by remembering their re-runs on Nick at Night. I remember about 2 of their songs, but only in a lineup and I think one of their moms invented White-Out. There are actually still tickets left for this one.


Friday 6/17

•WWE Live

Maverik Center is hosting the NASCAR of sports: professional wrestling.

“WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reign will defend his title against AJ Styles and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat match. Plus, Dean Ambrose will battle Chris Jericho in a Street Fight. Also see: Rusev, Titus O’Neill, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, Natalya, The Uso’s, Kevin Owens, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, plus many more!”

I copied that all from Smith’s Tix because I really lost touch with this world after the Von Erich dynasty fell. Just so you know where I am coming from, here’s a nearly 3-hour documentary about just that.

Purchase tickets here.

•Stephen King’s “End of Watch” Book Tour

For those of you who don’t remember him with the tour de force performance in “Creepshow”,  you may know him from his novels. The master of horror is visiting Utah at Juan Diego High School of all places. Here he is in Dayton, Ohio warming up the crowd:

It’s sold out! It’s Stephen King for crying out loud. Why did you wait?

Saturday 6/18

•Real vs. Portland Timbers

Real is finally back from their six-week road trip and ready to pummel Portland. Kick-off is at 8pm, so get your tickets and go support RSL! Oh, the pitch is fresh, so it’ll smell good. Real good. Get it? Good. Go buy a ticket.

Purchase tickets here.

•Slide the City

It’s summer in Salt Lake, which means the streets are for parades, bicycle races, 5ks, undie-runs and waterslides. North Temple will be transformed into a huge waterslide. The bad news? Lawyers have put a lot of rules in place, but you’re doing it for the sweet waterslide selfie anyway, so sign up and wear something modest. The temple is right…over…there and they’re watching. Oh, yeah, before I forget – it isn’t free. $40 and not even a beer garden. Who cares! Money is money and if it can’t buy fun, then why have any at all?

Purchase tickets.

•Throwback Jam

Dig up your Girbaud Jeans and Big Johnson t-shirt. We going back. Vivint Smart Home Arena is time travelling with Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Rob Base, Tone Loc, Color Me Badd, The Jets, Young MC and Candyman. Someone you know wants to go. You probably do too, deep down inside.

Purchase Tickets.

•Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame Tour

The Depot is hosting Jim Norton who will do doubt be discussing his love of the perverse. Standup is awesome though.

Purchase Tickets.

Sunday 6/19

•Father’s Day BBQ at Snowbird

To be honest, you really should celebrate on Saturday & Sunday as Snowbird’s Brewfest 2016 is going on as well. Get an Uber, so you and Dad can really enjoy it. However, I am sure your old man will enjoy BBQ & Live Music the Plaza Deck from 11:30a to 6p if you only make it up on Sunday. They’ll be creamy potato salad, hamburgers, BBQ chicken, southern-style baby back ribs, sno-cones and much more. Plus, get a free tram ride with every BBQ purchase. It’s probably a good idea to make a reservation.


Monday 6/20

•Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Red Butte is hosting the hippiest of the hippies, but hey, they’re affable and you won’t be disappointed as they’re solid live. The fact that you can pack an assortment of olives and a nice box of blush. There is one thing, it’s sold-out, so hit up KSL or Craigslist, but you’ll pay for it. Such a shame the powers that be put a fence on the mountain, so you can’t hike up and watch anymore with your $5 Little Caesars Pizza and Miller Lite in tow.


Tuesday 6/21

•Mac Sabbath at The Depot

Would you like some rock with that? Eh? Anyone? It’s called drive-thru metal. It’s probably healthier for you than actual fast food, probably.

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