Corey O’Brien’s Community & Concert Calendar | Week of June 29th

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Wednesday 6/29

•Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals: Call it What it is Tour at Red Butte Gardens

I can’t say I have ever been a big Ben Harper fan. The only time I ever heard about them is from Dave Matthews fans and for some reason, tainted any desire to get to know Ben Harper’s catalogue. The show is sold out, but as with anything, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Details here. (Sold out, but tickets are going for $60 to $90 each on the classifieds)

•311 at The Depot

What can I say about 311 that hasn’t been said in the 25 years they’ve been a band. Two nights at The Depot and both are sold out. From their days straight outta Omaha doing the rap-rock thing to success with covering The Cure to rabid fans that fork out money to go on a cruise with them, you may not like 311, but a lot of other people do. I still go back to my days working at Media Play, slinging CDs when I hear “Visit” or “Do You Right.”

Details here. (Sold out, so if you really want to go, it’ll cost ya about $80 each on the classifieds).

Thursday 6/30

•Ogden Twilight | Peter Bjorn and John, Jim Atkins (Jimmy Eat World) and The National Parks

With a whistle Peter Bjorn and John nearly had one of the biggest indie songs of 2006 with “Young Folks.” The Swedish trio has had 3 albums since then and if you stopped at “Young Folks”, you’ve missed out. As a huge cherry on top, Jim Atkins of X96 fav, Jimmy Eat World is opening. Though he will be playing his solo work, which has an eerie resemblance to Elliot Smith, but will hopefully throw some Jimmy Eat World tracks into the mix. This is the last Ogden Twilight of the year, which is a bummer because they’ve done such an amazing job with the line-up and the show this year. That being said, Salt Lake’s Twilight is creeping up on us, kicking off July 21st with Chet Faker.

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•Slightly Stoopid with SOJA at The Complex

Slightly Stoopid was signed by Sublime’s late lead singer, Bradly Nowell’s imprint when they were in high school and you can certainly hear why. Slightly Stoopid is mix of SoCal life and beachside reggae. For the unfamiliar they fit in the ilk of the Jack Johnson, Pepper, The Dirty heads and the like.

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Friday 7/1

•DC United at Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium

What better way to start your Independence Day weekend than watch Real Salt Lake take out the nation’s capital team at Rio Tinto Stadium? There isn’t. Kickoff is at 8:30 and of course, there will be fireworks after the game. Get out, tailgate, wear red and GO REAL SALT LAKE!

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•Vixen at Liquid Joe’s

Badass montage music by what’s known as a “female Bon Jovi.” This band formed in 1981 – when I was only 1 year of age. Glad to see we are finally crossing paths. If you’re living on the edge of a broken heart, you really should go to this show.

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•Utah Symphony “Patriotic Pops” at Snowbasin

The crashing of the symbols gorgeous surroundings will make you feel freer than free. Join Utah Symphony Orchestra as a benefit for the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association and a night under the stars to celebrate Brexit…err, our Independence Day!

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Saturday 7/2

•The Annual Venezuelan Festival at The Gateway

Our 52nd state (after Puerto Rico)! Ammirite? It’s a multicolor celebration with traditional folklore & dances, delicious Venezuelan food, live music, kids & water games, arts exhibition, beer & wine garden and much more!!! Save the date and bring “Toda la Familia y Amigos.” Admission is free!

Details here.

•Trekkie Trek 5k 2016 at Veteran’s Memorial Park in West Jordan

From their Facebook page: “Warp Speed ahead! Trekkies from around the world join United Federation of Planets and race to improve the lives of teens dealing with difficult environments. We invite you to race live with us in West Jordan, Utah or across the galaxy in or out of costume. Please be respectful of others when bringing props or costume-wear. Come dressed as your favorite captain or doctor, alien or yeoman. Bring along a phaser, set to stun of course.

Each Registered participant will receive an IDIC medal (Vulcans will know what that means). There is an amazing t-shirt you can purchase as well. Participants will race around the track among their favorite Starfleet comrades. Get pictures with the local Star Trek cosplayers and participate in the costume contest!”

Make sure to stop by the Tribble petting zoo, I guess.

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Sunday 7/3

•Squirrel Nut Zippers at Deer Valley Snow Park Amphitheatre

In the afterlife you could find yourself in worse places than Deer Valley.  Sure, swing was a thing in the late 90’s, but that’s no reason you can dress down a bit and enjoy an evening with the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

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Monday 7/4

•Sugarhouse Fireworks and 4th of July Festival

Get to Sugarhouse Park early and snag a spot for this local favorite way to spend the 4th of July. With all the changes to Sugarhouse, it should be a pretty great way to spend the day. There will be a Pet Parade and 1k with fireworks kicking off at 10am.

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