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New Politics February 28nd at The Depot (21+)

*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!

•Elastic Jazz Quintet at Avant Groove

Yes, Salt Lake has a decent Jazz Bar now. Many have lived there and perished in this given space, so I ask you, residents of Salt Lake, please don’t let this place die. From the horn lighting to the art deco wallpaper, this place is legit. A proper stage for the band without being overbearing. You can get a booth, hang at the bar or sit up close and enjoy the music. If you haven’t been, you need to go. You can read more about it here.


•Stanley Kubrick Film Festival at Brewview

A Stanley Kubrick double-feature so you might as well get a double order of wings, nachos, 4 pitchers of brew, and a burger to top it off. Brewvies will be screening The Shining A Clockwork Orange. Tickets are $10 in advance or $13 at the door…like there will be any at the door. Just get your tickets now and yes, Kubrick costumes are welcome! 21+


•An Evening with Kevin Smith at Wiseguys

Kevin Smith is a busy guy with his writing and podcasting and directing and TV shows and keeping Jay and Silent Bob on life support after all these years and being a culture critic, so you should be happy he’s making time for you. If you’ve seen his spoken word then you know he likes to talk a lot, so you’ll get your money’s worth.


•2018 Sundance Film Festival Kicks Off!

All the fuzzy boots, handbill, parties, extraordinary cover fees, some of you might be surprised they still show movies! I mean, one time I peed next to David Hyde Pierce who played Niles Crane on Fraser, and that really turns heads at a cocktail party, but I really do prefer the films to anything else going on. Films screen in Salt Lake City, Park City, and Sundance Resort. If you procrastinate, there’s always the wait list line, but be prepared to get there very early and wait and take cash. They like cash. Oh, and be nice to the volunteers, you savages! X96 is an Official Provider of the Sundance Institute.



•Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at Wiseguys

This answers the question, “can you milk a city.” Well, yes according to Kevin Smith as he’s double-dipping at Wiseguys and, tonight, bringing along Jawon Mewes for your entertainment pleasure. Here’s the thing, it’s sold out, so hit up the classifieds. Essentially, they are recording their podcast swapping stories.


•Marilyn Manson at The Complex

Making up for a show he was to play last year, but he was crushed by some of his set, so the man himself returns to Salt Lake and doesn’t have to worry about DeeDee Coridini to stop him!


•Pauly Show at Wiseguys

Here’s a sentence you never thought you would see, “Pauly Shore is coming to tell jokes in West Jordan.” The Weezzzzz has a string of 90’s hits behind him and grew up amongst the funniest people in the world at The Comedy Store. These days he’s doing standup and you can hear his podcast, Pauly Shore Podcast Show wherever you get your pod. NOTE: you can also catch Pauly at Wiseguys in Ogden on the 18th and additional shows in West Jordan on the 20th. So much Weeezzzzzz…



•Jason Mewes at Wiseguys

Yes, even more Jay and Silent Bob. There are going to be so many empty basements and so many Playstation accounts neglected this weekend. What will we do? Is there enough UTA buses running to get the guys downtown to fanboy themselves into orgasm? Well, UTA, you’ve been put on notice. Jason Mewes and His A-Mewes-Ing Stories! Indie film icon, Jason Mewes, is perhaps best known as the vocal half of the on-screen comedic duo, Jay and Silent Bob. Mewes’ has reprised his role as celebrated character, “Jay,” in a number of hit films. With cult-fans following his controversial antics, Mewes has captured audiences with rebellious banter against his unspoken other half and longtime friend, Kevin Smith (Silent Bob). Since the beginning of the duo’s offbeat work together, Mewes and Smith have continued to build on their beloved character driven roles from the Jay and Silent Bob series. Is there anything more at this point you don’t know about these guys or their fictional identities?


•Mike Birbiglia at Kingsbury Hall

You’ve seen him on Orange is the New Black and heard NPR make love to him on the air every chance they get. Now you can try to make love to him to or try to laugh at his jokes of self-depreciation and yarns. Yawn.


•Lights! Camera! Brunch! at Squatters

Brunch hard with Radio From Hell’s Gina and Bill along with the filmmaker, Trent Harris and actor & comedian Jay Whittaker at Squatter’s downtown…if you already bought tickets. We told it would sell out! Anyway, for those of you who didn’t get tickets, we’ll be taping it all for an NSFW podcast. All you’ll have to do it get some Squatters’ beers, put your headphones on and go to the land of make-believe.


•Anti-Flag at Metro Music Hall

SLC Punx-approved show! Get your punk on with Anti-Flag, Stray from the Path, The White Noise, and Sharptooth.


•KRS-One at Metro Music Hall

The man that Sublime was telling you about. Get some hip-hop in your life with one of the originators, KRS-One with a very rare and intimate set at Urban Lounge. Get your tickets now!!! This WILL sell out!


•DinoFest 2018 at Natural History Museum of Utah

A day I can get down with some dinos and KRS-One is a damn fine day. I mean, church, on a day with so many things going on? You’d be nuts. God forgives, probably. The Natural History Museum of Utah is celebrating all things dinosaur at our second annual DinoFest. This year’s theme is “Dinosaurs in Motion.” Meet paleontologists and enjoy the Museum as we bring these creatures from long ago to life for guests of all ages. 


•Moby Dick at Utah Opera

It just can’t be Jay & Silent Bob and punk all the time. Sometimes you need some proper art, some fine art in your life. Why not go with one of the most notable stories of all time – man vs. sea mammal. Or is it mas vs. self? There’s a lot to unpack here. Anyway, the Utah Opera is presenting this opera through the 28th.


•The Wombats at The Complex

I’ve liked this band since the mid-2000’s. I am not sure their style has progressed all the much over the years, but sometimes you are good with meat and potatoes and that’s just fine and dandy. They are from Liverpool, so if you need cred, well, that’s your cred.


•Styx at Eccles Theatre

I’ve got too much time on my hands, so I will probably go to this show.


•Passion Pit at The Depot

An all-ages show at The Depot – my 21+-year-old-self shutters, but it’s Passion Pit! They are really, really good live. Why must all the best show be on Tuesday nights? FML!


There’s always more on our YUGE calendar.

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