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*This calendar is mostly accurate. probably!


•Okilly Dokilly & Beatallica at Urban Lounge

So you can do one of two things tonight. 1. Hit yourself in the head with the closest blunt object or go see a band who sings songs made up of Ned Flander’s quotes. You know, Ned, from The Simpsons. Beatallica play mash-ups of Beatles and Metallica music. Oof.



•Shredfest 2017 at Maverik Center

Hey, we know, we know. You have all these papers but don’t want to commit to purchasing a home shredding machine. We’ve all been there. So KUTV and American Shredder have combined forces so you can protect your identity and clean out that room you keep all your papers. If that’ doesn’t sound good, here’s some home shredding robots to consider.




•Radio From Hell NSWF Podcast at Ruin

There will be cussin’ and drinkin’ and laughin’ at Ruin in Sugarhouse. Join Radio From Hell and a resurrected Richard Dawson to play The Feud. You have to be at least 21 to attend and RSVP, so get to it.



•Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness & Atlas Genius at The Depot

Andrew brings his story-telling fashions live and to your ears with his whole wilderness to a sold out crowd at The Depot.


•Flogging Molly at The Complex

Because you want that special St. Patrick’s Day feel in your heart one more time this year. You’re in luck.



•Green Jelly at Metro Music Hall

Little Pig, Little Pig…you remember. It was the 90’s and we didn’t know any better. You are encouraged to dress up for this show and get cray-cray. This year’s Dio tribute will be host by the very funny Elizabeth Church and will feature the one and only GREEN JELLY. Joining this year’s festivities will be Chronic Trigger, Muckraker, Maloik and DJ Coma. Bring costumes and the desire to have the most fun you have had since you were in elementary. A Dio tribute. Okay, now I am in.


•Warrant at Leatherheads Sports Bar in Draper

Make sure to order a “Cherry Pie” shot and keep doing it even if they say, “We don’t know what that is and we won’t make it.” Break out the Aquanet and get ready, because I have a feeling the city of Draper may never let this happen again.



•Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

What better cause than the health of all the ladies. Breast cancer is the worst, so be the best and donate now and register.


•Spring Run-Off at Rocky Mountain Raceways

Nothing like a little drag racing to enjoy what should be an amazing evening. Got Nitro? Race fans attending this event will get plenty of it when they watch Nitro Funny Cars scream down the Young Kia Drag Strip at exhilarating speeds. This experience will be only part of the fun. Our drag racers, who hail from all over the West, will be dueling it out for big money and huge daily payouts. Come check it out, you’ll be glad you did! 




•Mother’s Day

Take your mom out to an expensive meal and get her flowers or wine or whiskey…something for her. Don’t make her watch this though. It has a 7% on the Tomato Meter. Mom’s deserve better.


•LP at The State Room

Also known as Laura Pergolizzi from Long Island, she has helped to write songs for Rihanna and Christina Agularia, but I certainly wouldn’t put her solo stuff in that camp. Think of her as music that Quentin Tarintino would put in his films. This should be a solid show.


There’s always more on our YUGE calendar.

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