First person to test twice has died

Health officials say an elderly Netherlands woman is the first known person to have died after contracting coronavirus twice. Reuters reports she had developed a fever and severe cough which brought her to an emergency room. Aside from lingering fatigue, she recovered and was sent home five days later.

The woman, who had also been battling rare cancer called Waldenstroms macroglobulinemia, developed symptoms again, two days after chemotherapy. This time she also had dyspnea and a blood-oxygen level of 90%. Her second positive coronavirus test came 59 days after her first.

Researchers say she caught two different strains of coronavirus and died weeks later.

CBS News reports a 25-year-old Nevada man had also tested positive for two different strains of coronavirus in the US. His second infection was also more severe than the first – lasting about six weeks.

Have you continued protective health measures? How has your community fared? How hard and confusing has it been to keep with the latest information?

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