Help for Dave The Flower Guy & Loss of his Mother

Dave Matson or Dave the Flower Guy as listeners of X96 know him needs all the love and support he can get right now. Last Friday Dave’s mother unexpectedly passed away and because of Covid 19, he wasn’t allowed to be with her in the hospital. Due to his cerebral palsy, he lived with his mother and as independent as he is, he still had to depend on her for many things. Now, he is left to deal with medical costs, finding new housing, and taking care of himself.

If you’ve ever been walking in downtown Salt Lake, you may have seen Dave riding on his tractor. He tries to support himself by selling flowers and mowing lawns. Or maybe you have heard him on the Radio From Hell show. He has been a part of for the last 25, crowning the winner of the Boner of the Week every Friday. Radio from Hell’s listeners developed a friendship with Dave just by listening to him on the show every week and are just as heartbroken as we are.

Even in the midst of the Covid Pandemic Dave always had a smile on his face and something new to tell you. He brightens the day for anyone who gets a chance to talk with him and we want to keep it that way. Which is why we are hoping that you are able to help and donate, we know times are hard and none of us really know when things will get back to “normal”. Even just the littlest amounts can make a mountain of the difference! Thanks, from everyone at the Radio From Hell Show and at X96.

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