If you thought “The Last Jedi” was the worst thing in the Star Wars universe… Surprise!

First things first..  I LOVED “The Last Jedi”

I thought it was a great show.  Perfect?  No no no.  Nor was it my favorite in the Star Wars movie line up.  But this movie got a ton of hate with things like (Spoiler alert)  “Luke Skywalker would never do THAT”  or  “That’s not how the force works!”..  So for those that have drawn their line in the sand and said that “The Last Jedi” set a new low in the Star Wars universe, I give you THIS..  And before you ask, NO it’s NOT the Holiday Special..

It’s a Star Wars disco special that aired on West German TV in 1981.  AND it features non other than Mark Hamill in a gold satin jump suit as Luke.  It is without a doubt the worst thing to be seen.

My theory is Ben Kenobi found this sh*t on youtube, and Luke was about to destroy him before he could share it with the other Jedi students.   When he realizes that this video turns ol Han Jr to the dark side, Luke runs to some island in exile to drink fresh green titty milk from a sea monster.

That’s what I would do.

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