LA Cop Suspended After Body Cam Catches him Fondling Dead Woman

A Los Angeles police officer has been placed on leave after a review of his bodycam footage revealed he fondled a dead woman’s breasts. The incident reportedly occurred after the officer, whose name hasn’t been released, responded to a report of a dead body in an L.A. home. At one point in the investigation, his partner left the room — and the officer turned off his body cam, lifted the sheet off the corpse and began playing with the dead woman’s breasts and nipples, according to LAPD Spokesman Josh Rubenstein. He then covered the body and turned his camera back on. The problem is when a police bodycam is turned on, it buffers back and saves footage from two minutes earlier. The officer apparently didn’t realize this when he turned over the video to a detective who was reviewing the case. A rep for the police union calls the incident “not only wrong, but extremely disturbing.”

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