Lawsuit Asks If Ginger Ale Actually Contain Any Real Ginger

A New York woman filed a lawsuit this month against Canada Dry, claiming its ginger ale doesn’t contain ginger as advertised.

Julie Fletcher contends that Canada Dry and its parent company, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. are misleading customers. In fact, she says it has everything but real ginger in it. “Instead, Canada Dry Ginger Ale is made from carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, preservatives and ‘natural flavors,’ i.e., a flavor compound comprised predominately of flavor extracts not derived from ginger, and a minuscule amount of a ginger flavor extract.” the lawsuit contends.
The lawsuit against ginger ale isn’t the only one contending products aren’t as advertised. A federal class-action lawsuit last year charged Junior Mints candy puts too much air and not enough candy in their boxes.

One time I bought some barbeque sauce that didn’t have any actual barbeque inside, so I know how they feel.

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