Man Crawls 8 Hours To Find Help After Breaking Leg On Mountain Trail

With hiking season a couple of months away along the Wasatch Front, here’s a cautionary tale. A man was forced to crawl for eight hours in sub-freezing temperatures after breaking his leg while running on a remote mountain trail in Washington state. Jospeh Oldendorf was running on the Duckabush River Trail in Olympic National Park when he slipped on some ice, breaking his tibia. He was forced to crawl on his hands and knees for hours until he was able to get a cell phone signal and call 911. Oldendorf says the crawling hurt his knees so badly that he covered them with his shoes. He was able to keep going by thinking about his family. Oldendorf is now recovering at a Seattle hospital.

Also, pay no attention that he kind of looks like Jesus. We’re pretty sure that had nothing to do with his survival.

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