Man Hospitalized with Dead Fish Lodged in Butt

After a man who went to an emergency room in China complaining of abdominal pain, doctors quickly determined what was causing it: he had a dead fish up his butt. The incident occurred June 3rd at Zhaoging First People’s Hospital in Guangdong, according to The Sun. When doctors asked how the fish ended up in the man’s anal cavity, the man offered what some may find to be a fishy explanation: he told them he’d accidentally sat on it. “Do you think I’m an idiot?” a medic responded, according to The Sun.

The fish — identified as a Mozambique tilapia — was really jammed up there, too. Doctors found it was too big to remove with an endoscopy, so they had to cut the man open to get the visitor out. In doing so, they discovered the fish’s spiny fins had ruptured the victim’s large intestine. Nevertheless, doctors were able to patch him up and he’s expected to make a full recovery, they say.

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