Missouri Weed Dispensaries Open to Huge Crowds

Two years after voters approved making medical marijuana legal, Missouri’s first licensed dispensaries opened over the weekend.
In scenes that have played out in several other states, hundreds of customers lined up outside the two dispensaries that opened their doors over the weekend, and a third that opened Monday, officials report. The lines formed in spite of higher-than-normal prices, which are the result of a medical weed shortage in the state. One dispensary was charging $125 for an eighth of an ounce of Reggie — and it still sold out in hours, the dispensary’s owner says.

A rep for the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services says the prices and length of the lines are expected to be reduced soon. The state has approved a total of 192 dispensaries, all of which are expected to open in the next two months.

Has the push to make recreational weed legal died down? What are some of the pros associated with legalizing marijuana?

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