Red Cliffs Lodge Staycation

Red Cliffs Lodge is open!

Located on the banks of the Colorado River Spectacular where you’ll enjoy natural beauty in all directions. It’s fun, safe, and inspirational with plenty of wide-open spaces for social distancing. Choose from 110 cabins and suites over 230 acres with private room entrances, private outdoor patios, individual HVAC and, kitchenettes in every unit.

There’s also a restaurant & bar that are spread out with a giant outdoor patio & full menu available for take-out. The Parks are open and you can run the river, ride a horse, jeep, bike, hike or just relax by the pool and enjoy their safe wide open spaces and clean desert air! To sweeten the deal, Red Cliffs Lodge is offering special rates they’ve never had at this time of year before.

Visit or call 435-259-2002 for those special rates today!

Enter below to win a two-night stay at Red Cliffs Lodge on the banks of the Colorado River!

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