Seesaws on Mexican Border Wall Seesaws win Prestigious Design Award

Several pink seesaws that extend through the wall that divides the United States and Mexico have received a respected award from overseas.

London’s Design Museum has given the seesaw project’s architects the Best Design of 2020 award, the museum announced Tuesday. “We are totally surprised by this unexpected honor,” says Ronald Rael, the project’s co-designer. “Most importantly, it comes at a time when we are hopeful for change and that we start building more bridges instead of walls.”

Officially called “Teeter-Totter Wall,” the El Paso-based project is meant to cast a spotlight on the metal barrier between the two countries, contrasted by a stretch in which children from both sides converge to play with each other, Rael says. It was erected in July 2019.

How could a few boards stuck through a fence win a prestigious design award?

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