Taco Bell’s New Crispy Tacos Cost Only $1

Taco Bell is already known for giving you a lot of food for a small amount of cash and now the taco chain is offering up their new crispy tacos for only $1! The company is looking to join the world of “value menus” that have helped McDonalds’ and Wendy’s bottom line. Taco Bell is adding the $1 taco to their “snack” lineup for only a limited time, though, beginning just in time for Taco Tuesday – June 8th! It’s the usual eats that Taco Bell is known for; beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese in a crispy taco.

Note that Burger King is also offering up its own $1 tacos. The taco wars have begun.

Also, if you’re in Pacifica, California, you may want to stop by this beachside Taco Bell Cantina where you can drink booze and eat tacos on the beach.

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