The 6 Unhealthiest Fast-Food Restaurants

Fast-food may be bringing each of us comfort during 2020’s chaos, but nutritionists say six restaurants are making it harder for Americans to stay healthy. New data from Consumer Reports (and shared by Eat This, Not That) lists the six unhealthiest fast-food joints as:

6. Dominos – the only pizza chain in the top six is unhealthy for high amounts of sodium and processed meats

5. McDonald’s – which packs a lot of sodium as well as calories

4. Applebees – where many of the entrees are well over 1,000 calories

3. Olive Garden – where high-fat dishes and sodium loaded appetizers appear on the menu

2. Subway – with processed meats, high levels of sodium, and surprising levels of sugar

The #1 unhealthiest fast-food restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory, which is always high on other lists of unhealthiest places to eat. Between the large portions and mouth-water desserts, Consumer Reports says “eating healthy at The Cheesecake Factory is quite a challenge.”

How many of these unhealthy restaurants have you visited this year? Do you care about calories any more or less during this stressful 2020?

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