The World is Currently Losing Its Mind Over Funeral Potatoes

New Facebook Ads Have People (Outside of Utah) Wondering: What Are Funeral Potatoes?

1. This girl seems very confused by the glorious and wonderful food that is Funeral Potatoes

2. Apparently, not many people in the country know what they are

3. Others just want to know why they are called “funeral potatoes”

4. Still, some just want to know what they exactly are (hint: the BEST potatoes on Earth!)

5. Others just can’t seem to believe the name of these tasty potatoes

6. Then, there are those that know exactly what these are and understand the rest of the country is out of the loop

7. I mean really, Utahn’s just want to devour these amazing potatoes

8. Why not throw back to 2002 when the whole world was informed of Funeral Potatoes

9. We already know something this delicious is not going to be a healthy food. Even though it IS a vegetable

One day the world will understand us!


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