This Home Bar Is Like a Keurig for Cocktails

Keurig has changed how you drink coffee with their single pod system. Now, they want to change how you fix mixed drinks at home. The Drinkworks Home Bar looks similar to the Keurig machine that you know but here’s the twist. Instead of coffee dripping into your cup, an Old Fashioned, Mojito or Margarita will pour from the dispenser. Just put the pod in and you have everything you need, including the alcohol. There are 24 drinks in all including beer and ciders.

The Home Bar will cost you $299 and the pods will run you $2.25 for beers and $3.99 for cocktails. Unfortunately, the machine isn’t available for everyone yet. It is only being sold as a part of a pilot program in St. Louis. Keurig said they will announce more of a rollout in 2019.

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