TikToker Horrifies Viewers with Mashed Potato Chips

TikTok is a world of wonder and curiosities. It also gives us some really bizarre food hacks.

The latest food hack from TikTok user @elis_kitchen shows a bag of potato chips being turned into a pot of mashed potatoes.

Eli boiled water, dumped in a bag of classic Lay’s potato chips, and strained the concoction before added seasoning and taking a bite.

Many were appalled by the recipe, including Michelin-starred chef Brad Carter who said, “It looks like sludge and it’s obviously not good mashing all that
frying oil into your food!”


signature cheesey mashed potatoes

♬ original sound – Eli

Carter did give Eli some praise, saying “Ten out of ten for lockdown innovation though, I must say.”
Would you try potato chip mashed potatoes? What weird food hack have you learned online?

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