Video Games or Sexy Girlfriend. Which Would You Choose?

Pro Gamer Dumps “World’s Sexiest Weathergirl” To Spend More Time Playing With His Joystick

Douglas “FaZe Censor” Martin has been struggling a bit on the professional gamer scene, having dropped out on the first stage of the “Call of Duty World League,” and scrambling to get into the second. So he decided to go all-in and dedicate his life further to the game. Which meant dumping his girlfriend, who just happens to be dubbed the “world’s sexiest weathergirl.”

In a video posted to YouTube, Martin claims he “doesn’t have time for a girlfriend” and needs to focus on playing “Call of Duty” and “Black Ops IV.”
Martin’s ex, Yanet Garcia, is a Mexican TV personality who came to international attention during the World Cup, and says she is “heartbroken,” but thanks her fans for their support.

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