Aaron Lewis Goes Off On Crowd Heckler

Heckling a performer from the crowd is not cool. And most professionals know how to dispense with one, so it’s not like it will be a winning battle. Certainly, Aaron Lewis is someone who knows how to take down a heckler and win. At an Indianapolis gig, the Staind frontman and country solo artist had one, presumably, a drunk guy shouted at him while he tried to perform. Lewis wasn’t having it, so he went on the attack.

Pointing to the man in the audience and using some choice expletives, Lewis encouraged attendees to “Make sure that his walk out to his car this evening is not all that enjoyable.”
Lewis has a reputation for dealing with rude concertgoers, once stopping a show to have a beer tosser removed and threatening to beat up a crowd for groping.
Are these problems a lack of security issue? Should it be on the audience or artist to deal with offending attendees?

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