Beck and The Black Keys: An Unforgettable Performance in Paris

The Black Keys and Beck Perform "Loser" live
The Black Keys | Talmage Garn

A Night to Remember at Le Zénith

The Black Keys, a renowned rock band, have been touring to support their latest album, Dropout Boogie. Their tour recently brought them to Le Zénith in Paris, where they performed for two nights. The first night was particularly memorable as their longtime friend and collaborator, Beck, joined them.

Beck Joins The Black Keys on Stage

During the encore of the first night, Beck made a surprise appearance on stage. Beck has a long history with The Black Keys, having worked on their latest album. The crowd was thrilled to see him join the band on stage, and the energy in the room was palpable.

The band and Beck performed “Loser” together, a song they’ve performed in the past but not for quite some time. The last time they performed this song together was when The Black Keys opened for Beck during a 2003 tour. The performance was nostalgic for both the band and the audience, bringing back memories of their earlier collaborations. Watch the video below:

A Grand Finale with “Lonely Boy”

Beck didn’t leave the stage after their performance of “Loser.” He stayed on for the final song of the night, a rendition of “Lonely Boy.” This performance served as a fitting end to an unforgettable night of music, leaving the audience in awe and eagerly anticipating the second night of The Black Keys’ performance at Le Zénith.

A Night That Will Be Remembered

The Black Keys’ performance at Le Zénith in Paris, particularly their collaboration with Beck, will undoubtedly be remembered by all who were present. The surprise appearance of Beck and their joint performance of “Loser” and “Lonely Boy” added a unique touch to the concert, making it a truly special night. As The Black Keys continue their tour in support of “Dropout Boogie,” fans worldwide will eagerly anticipate what other surprises the band might have in store.

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