Blink-182 Pays Tribute to Ramones in Latest Music Video

Blink-182 New Album
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Blink’s Nod to the Ramones

Blink-182 released a music video for their latest track, “Dance With Me.” The video showcases Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom DeLonge donning attire reminiscent of the legendary Ramones. From the signature wigs and leather jackets to the iconic sunglasses, the homage is unmistakable. The Malloys directed the music video.

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Dive into One More Time…

“Dance With Me” is a standout track from Blink-182’s forthcoming album, One More Time…, set to release on October 20 through Columbia Records. This album marks a significant reunion for Hoppus, Barker, and DeLonge, as it’s their first collaborative effort since 2011. Fans can also look forward to other tracks from the album, including the eponymous “One More Time,” “More Than You Know,” and “Edging.”

Background on Blink-182 and Ramones

Blink-182, formed in the early ’90s, has been a staple in the punk rock scene, known for their catchy tunes and energetic performances. Their admiration for the Ramones, the iconic New York punk band from the ’70s, is evident in their music and style. The Ramones, with their raw sound and rebellious attitude, paved the way for many punk rock bands, including Blink-182.

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