Celebutard News – April 8, 2015

Twisted Sister: We Wanna Rock … One Last Time

Twisted Sister not gonna take it anymore — after one last tour the hair metal heroes will unplug their amps in 2016 … TMZ has learned.

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Andie MacDowell’s Daughter Was In The ‘Mad Men’ Premiere

Sunday’s mid-season premiere of “Mad Men” opened with a shot of a young woman named Cindy wearing almost nothing but a $15,000 chinchilla coat.

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Demi Lovato No Longer Has a Vagina Tattoo

No, no, it’s not that Demi has, or had, body art on her ladyparts necessarily, but instead, that she had a piece that reminded her of them — or, as People puts it, her “lady bits.”

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Elton John and Michael Stipe call for protection of transgender inmates

Elton John and Michael Stipe are calling for the equal rights of transgender inmates following claims that a transgender woman was mistreated at a Georgia prison.

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For the birds: Brinkley gets black eye from avian attack

Christie Brinkley lost in a real-life game of “Angry Birds.”

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Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool Outfit Is Dead On … And Tight On the Junk

SPOILER ALERT: Ryan Reynolds looks badass as Deadpool and is set to make a ton of comic book nerds very excited.

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Terrible News: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are on a Break

Beautiful celebrity couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield may be on the outs, tragically.

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Shows like ‘Black-ish’ perpetuate racist stereotypes

This is racism — served with a smile.

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Stiffer fines for gawkers near Clooney’s Italian villa

Linger too long near George Clooney‘s Italian villa in hopes of catching a glimpse of the actor-director and his new bride and you may pay dearly.

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Mischa Barton sues mother for ‘stealing’ her earnings

Mischa Barton has sued her mother, alleging she stole money that the former star of the television series “The O.C.” earned throughout her career and made endorsement deals that damaged the actress’ reputation.

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Kanye West Settles Paparazzi Beatdown Case with Apology

Kanye West has settled the civil lawsuit filed by the photog he assaulted at LAX … TMZ has learned.

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Power publicist drops Mariah Carey

Power publicist Cindi Berger has parted ways with Mariah Carey after more than 15 years, sources exclusively told Page Six, before the singer embarks on her Las Vegas residency next month.

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Taylor Swift Slams Reports of Feud with Lorde

Don’t mess with Taylor Swift and her BFFs.

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L.A.’s Most Tedious Street Artist Erects “No Kardashian Parking” Signs

In a bold statement about the nature of celebrity and stuff or something, a Los Angeles-based artist known as Plastic Jesus has put up multiple “No Kardashian Parking” signs around Hollywood.

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Jill Duggar Named Her Baby Israel

Following the celebration of Jesus’ rise to heaven this weekend, one of the 19 (and counting) Duggar children birthed a child of her own.

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Scott Steiner: I Didn’t Threaten Hulk Hogan … But I Still Hate Him

Scott Steiner is calling BS on Hulk Hogan — claiming he never threatened to kill the guy before WrestleMania … and says Hulk’s just acting like a scared little bitch.

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Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer ‘Farewell to Bruce’

Bruce Jenner will put his male persona to rest for good when he appears on Diane Sawyer’s two hour special, sources connected to Bruce and the production tell TMZ.

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‘Arrested Development’ Producer Says 17 More Episodes Are In The Works

More “Arrested Development” is on the way, according to the show’s executive producer Brian Grazer.

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Giuliana Rancic: My Racist Remark Was Edited Out of Context

E! mainstay Giulana Rancic is determined to prove she is not racist.

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Lil Wayne drops $51M Cash Money lawsuit

Lil Wayne has dropped a $51 million lawsuit against his longtime record label, Cash Money, according to new court filings.

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Lil Wayne & Drake Love Triangle — I Boned Ya Both … And I Know Who’s Better

The woman who made Eskimo buddies out of Drake and Lil’ Wayne says she knows what’s up, and she’s ready to say which one’s the better banger.

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Marilyn Manson Grand Slammed in the Face at Denny’s

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson got more than two pancakes, two eggs, two pieces of bacon and two sausage links during a trip to Denny’s this past weekend … he allegedly got clocked in the face!

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‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Is Officially In The Works, But You’ll Need To Go To Dubai

Harry Potter has one, so why shouldn’t Katniss Everdeen?

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