Eddie Vedder On Radiohead

Ever wonder about Eddie Vedder’s opinion on his contemporaries in the industry? Of course, he’s a big fan; especially of Radiohead and Jack White. In a new interview for last weekend’s Record Store Day, the Pearl Jam frontman discussed bands who can fill huge venues and their power to unite audiences. “When you’re playing a big show, and at some point, you can look out at a crowd and you see 10,000, 20,000, or even 50,000 people, you admire the fact that there are that many people agreeing on something for that moment, you know!” Vedder said before name-checking the Brit rockers and former White Stripes founder. The feeling is mutual too. Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien told Music Radar that he “freaked out” when meeting Vedder back in 2017.

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