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Geek News on the Radio for April 29th, 2019

Breaking Records…. Around the World

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After a year of anticipation, Marvel’s biggest movie ever hit theaters at the end of last week, and by Sunday night it was clear Avengers: Endgame wasn’t just going to be this year’s biggest hit—but one of the biggest hits of all time. As Box Office Mojo reports, Avengers: Endgame scored a $1.2 billion box office haul over its first five days of global release. To help you register just how huge that is, Endgame is the only film in history to make over $1 billion in its first five days of release–and Endgame easily cleared that hurdle with $200 million to spare. But Endgame wasn’t done with smashing records—not by a long shot. The film also had the largest U.S. three-day opening of all time, earning an estimated $350 million over the weekend (final numbers are due this afternoon, so it may well have earned more). Given its massive numbers, unsurprisingly, Avengers: Endgame also accounted for 90% of the films watched in America this past weekend. Endgame also had the largest ever opening day in China, with $107.8 million in ticket sales, and the country’s largest five-day opening weekend in China with $330.5 million in sales. And of course, Endgamedidn’t stop record-busting there. As Box Office Mojo points out, Endgamehas now broken all of these records:

  • Largest Thursday Previews: $60 million
  • Widest Opening: 4,662 theaters
  • Largest Friday, Opening Day and Single Day: $156.7 million
  • Largest Saturday: $109 million
  • Largest Sunday: $84.3 million
  • Domestic Opening Weekend: $350 million
  • #1 Movie Market Share: 90%
  • Highest Per Theater Average (Wide Opening): $75,075 / 4,662 theaters
  • Largest April Opening, Spring Opening, PG-13 Opening and 3-Day Gross: $350 million
  • Biggest Weekend Overall (Top 12 Gross): $389 million
  • Fastest to $100 Million: 1 Day
  • Fastest to $150 Million: 1 Day
  • Fastest to $200 Million: 2 Days
  • Fastest to $250 Million: 3 Days
  • Fastest to $300 Million: 3 Days
  • Fastest to $350 Million: 3 Days
  • International Opening Weekend: $859 million
  • Global 3D Opening Record: ~$540 million
  • Global IMAX Opening Record: $91.5 million

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History of the Marvel Universe

Marvel plans to take readers on a brand new journey with its newest series, History of the Marvel Universe. Writer Mark Waid (Avengers No Road HomeDaredevil) and artists Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez (Exiles) are teaming together to reveal the definite history of the Marvel Universe. History of the Marvel Universe aims to reveal previous unexplored and undiscovered secrets about the Marvel Universe. The six-part comic will explore every secret, from Marvel’s Big Bang to its eventual twilight hours. It will also cover every factoid of the grand universe, analyzing it through fresh eyes. Iconic Marvel stories will be re-examined through this six-part series aiming to educate and inform fans old and new.

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