Is Utah Getting a Donald J. Trump Highway? UPDATED, UPDATED AGAIN!

We might be!

UPDATE (3/8):

It seems that Rep. Mike Noel has caught on that pretty much everyone hated this stupid idea. According to The Deseret News, “A Utah lawmaker’s attempt to rename a southern Utah highway after President Donald Trump ran out of gas Wednesday amid sometimes vulgar personal attacks. Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, said he didn’t want to ‘lean on’ his Republican peers to vote on the bill and put them in a tough position with their constituents.” Also, as the President of the United States is currently being sued for covering up a tryst with a porn star, naming a highway after him may just not represent Utah values after all.

Sorry, Mike! You’ll have to just send the President a cake for letting you allow your money to drill and mine in our beloved landscape.


It seems this really is something that could happen. According to KSL, “HB481, advanced on a 9-2 vote, would replace the Utah National Parks Highway, which includes sections of U.S. 89, I-15, U.S. 191 as well as parts of southern Utah roads that trace the edges of some of Utah’s national parks.” Sigh! This is no begin bill. I would cost Utahans over $124,000 to replace the signage, which would no doubt be the target of vandalism, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. One Utah representative suggests we change the name of the frontage road to “Stormy Daniels” rampway. What world are we living in?

Mike Noel represents no one but himself and those that fund his career. People like him get worse with age and his position in our government simply makes his racor exponential.

Original post:

Super-rational, laid-back guy and Utah Representative, Mike Noel has introduced a bill to change the name of Utah National Parks Highway to Donald J. Trump Utah National Parks Highway. I have a few other good suggestions. I mean, if we are looking to switch things around:

  • Utah National Parks Highway
  • Utah National Parks Highway
  • Utah National Parks Highway
  • Utah National Parks Highway
  • or Utah National Parks Highway

You can get a look at this wonderous piece of legislation right here.

If you’d like to share your thoughts about this idea (fer er gainst) you can contact Rep. Michael E. Noel at [email protected] or by phone at 435-616-5603. I am sure this gesture has NOTHING to do with Mike’s push to have Grand Escalante or Bears Ears’ size reductions.

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