Kim Gordon Unleashes “I’m a Man” Video

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Kim Gordon Drops “I’m a Man” Single With Video

Kim Gordon, the iconic musician and Sonic Youth co-founder, just unveiled her latest track, “I’m a Man,” off her highly anticipated album, The Collective. Accompanying the release is a captivating music video directed by Alex Ross Perry. The video is a family affair, featuring performances by Gordon, her daughter Coco Gordon-Moore, and Conor Fay. Dive into the visual experience below.


The Collective Takes Shape

Last month, Gordon broke the news about The Collective, marking it as her second journey into solo territory since her 2019 debut, No Home Record. The album’s introduction was graced by the single “Bye Bye,” a collaborative effort produced by Justin Raisen and Sadpony, also known as Jeremiah Raisen. Continuing this creative partnership, Justin Raisen returns to produce “I’m a Man.”


Kim Gordon: From Sonic Youth to Solo Spotlight

Scheduled for release on March 8 via Matador, The Collective promises to further cement Kim Gordon’s status as a pioneering figure in alternative music. Her first solo album, No Home Record, showcased her ability to blend experimental sounds with her raw, authentic style. Now, with The Collective, Gordon continues to push musical boundaries, offering fans a deeper dive into her artistic vision.

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Gordon’s latest work is not just a collection of songs but a narrative of personal and musical growth. Through her collaboration with her daughter and the creative direction of Alex Ross Perry, Gordon brings a unique and intimate perspective to the forefront. As we await the full album, “I’m a Man” serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come from one of hip-hop’s most influential figures.

Speaking of Sonic Youth, the band are about to release Walls Have Ears, culled from three live gigs in the UK.

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