Maynard James Keenan Tells Covid Truthers: “Eat a D*ck Dude”

Music News | Maynard James Keenan

Maynard James Keenan never holds back, musically, and in interviews. In a recent sitdown with The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Keenan reveals that he had contracted coronavirus earlier this year.

Talking with Rogan, Keenan revealed that he began feeling ill while on tour with Tool in New Zealand in February. “If I’d have known how bad it could have been I would have been freaking out,” said Keenan.

As far as his symptoms, Keenan described having ten-minute coughing fits and feeling arthritis in his wrists. He said that he even has damage to his lungs from the experience.

Speaking out against those who were doubting his illness, Keenan is not particularly happy. “I feel like there’s a bunch of people that — maybe I didn’t almost die — I have friends who almost died,” said Keenan. “Yeah, it was close. So then you have people going … apparently I’m being paid to say [that I contracted COVID-19]. Eat a d*ck, dude.”

Have you or anyone in your life been affected by the coronavirus? Do you think Keenan’s anger is justified?

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