Queens of the Stone Age Unleash New Single “Paper Machete”

Queens of the Stone Age
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Queens of the Stone Age, the iconic rock group, have graced the music scene with a fresh single from their highly anticipated album, “In Times New Roman…”. The album, set to hit the music stores this Friday, June 16, is being released under the banner of Matador. The latest track to join the album’s repertoire is “Paper Machete,” a song that promises to leave a lasting impression on the listeners. Listen below:

“Paper Machete” – A New Chapter in the Band’s Musical Journey

“Paper Machete” debuted just two days after Joshua Homme, the charismatic frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, revealed his battle with cancer last year. The news, shared in an interview with Revolver’s Steve Appleford, highlighted Homme’s resilience as he underwent successful surgery to remove cancer.

A Look at the Album’s Earlier Releases

Prior to “Paper Machete,” the band had released “Emotion Sickness,” the lead single from “In Times New Roman…”. This was followed by “Carnavoyeur,” another track that added to the album’s diverse musical palette. “Carnavoyeur” was accompanied by a captivating music video directed by Liam Lynch, unveiled just a day before.

The Band’s Upcoming North American Tour

With the album’s release on the horizon, Queens of the Stone Age are gearing up for a North American tour, including a stop in Salt Lake City. Learn how you can win tickets here. The tour extends into October and is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to their fans.


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