The 1975 Drop a Fresh Cover: “Now Is the Hour”

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The 1975 Drop a Cover: “Now Is the Hour”

The 1975, fronted by Matthew Healy, graced fans with a brand-new cover of the timeless classic “Now Is the Hour.” This rendition serves as the band’s contribution to the soundtrack of Apple TV+’s The New Look. Curious to hear their take on this iconic tune? Check it out below.

Behind the Scenes: Jack Antonoff’s Production

Guiding the musical direction for The New Look is none other than the prolific producer, Jack Antonoff. With his adept touch, Antonoff adds a contemporary flair to Healy’s interpretation, enriching the auditory experience for listeners worldwide.

A Stellar Lineup for the Soundtrack

Joining The 1975 on this musical journey are esteemed artists like Lana Del Rey, Nick Cave, and Florence and the Machine, all making their mark on The New Look soundtrack. Each artist brings their unique style to the table, enhancing the show’s mid-century ambiance with their contributions.

Delving into “Now Is the Hour” Before The 1975

Penned by Clement Scott, Dorothy Stewart, and Maewa Kahihau in the early 20th century, “Now Is the Hour” has a rich history steeped in musical tradition. Bing Crosby’s rendition in the late 1940s remains one of the most renowned interpretations of this timeless piece, resonating with audiences across generations. Now, The 1975 breathes new life into this beloved song, infusing it with their signature style and flair.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan of the band or simply appreciate a fresh take on a classic tune, don’t miss out on their rendition of “Now Is the Hour” in The New Look soundtrack. For more 1975 content, check out a list of some of the best 1975 songs.



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