Boygenius Dismantles Industry Misogynist at Grammys

Phoebe Bridgers in boygenius at Grammys
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Phoebe Bridgers and Boygenius Speak Out

Phoebe Bridgers didn’t hold back at the 2024 Grammy Awards during a backstage encounter with the press. Flanked by her boygenius bandmates, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, the trio had just celebrated winning three Grammy awards when a Rolling Stone reporter broached the topic of women’s future in rock music. Watch the burial of an industry scumbag below.


Bridgers seized the opportunity to address former Recording Academy chairman and CEO Neil Portnow’s controversial comments from 2018, suggesting women needed to “step up” to achieve recognition in music. Not only did Bridgers criticize these remarks, but she also highlighted the sexual assault allegations Portnow faces, bluntly telling him to “rot in piss.” Heavy with implications, this response underscores a fierce stance against sexism within boygenius.

“Rot in piss”

-Phoebe “Not to be Trifled With” Bridgers

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Tracing the Origins of the Portnow Controversy

The controversy dates back to Portnow’s post-Grammy comments in 2018, which ignited widespread criticism from artists and industry professionals alike. His suggestion that women’s lack of Grammy wins was due to a failure to “step up” sparked a backlash, contributing to his eventual resignation.


Vanessa Carlton and other industry figures led a petition demanding his departure, underscoring the deep rift between the Recording Academy’s leadership and its creative constituents. Furthermore, Portnow’s tenure incurred further damage after serious accusations of sexual misconduct, complicating his legacy within the music world.


Boygenius Triumphs at 2024 Grammys

Despite the shadow cast by these controversies, boygenius’s achievement at the Grammy Awards shines brightly. The group’s debut LP, the record, snagged the Best Alternative Music Album, while their song “Not Strong Enough” earned accolades for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance (Watch their performance “Not Strong Enough” on SNL).

Bridgers also celebrated a win in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for collaborating with SZA, “Ghost in the Machine.”



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The 2024 Grammys will be remembered for the awards distributed and boygenius’ moment of straight talk. As artists like Phoebe Bridgers and her Boygenius bandmates continue to push boundaries and call bullshit, the music industry’s future seems poised for further transformation, hopefully towards a more inclusive and equitable space. And hopefully, more assholes get put in their place. Looking at you, Jimmy Carter.



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