We Miss Concerts! Show Us Your Concert Photos and Videos

Those were the days

None of us really know when live music will be back in the way we enjoyed it before things changed. My last show was Local H and Soul Asylum at Metro Music Hall. Had I known, I would have gone to a lot more before things shut down. You might have, too. With reports saying that 90% of small venues could close if things don’t get rolling in the next couple of months, there may be good reason to worry.

It seems I was barely getting used to the Urban Lounge’s remodel. Starcrawler was the last show I saw there. I don’t smoke, but I kind of even miss their cigarette porch where everyone talked about what show was coming up next or where they were going after for more drinks. I miss the eclectic mix of shows that Metro Music Hall had, seeing up-and-comers at Kilby, or catching The Faint at The Complex. I miss Twilight no matter which city it takes place in. I miss it all.

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Anyway, I went through the X96 photo archive (as you can see) and pulled a lot of my favorite photos from years past. Maybe you were at some of these shows, too. Flip through and get a little sentimental. I know I did going through the X96 picture bank. I almost got a bit misty-eyed when I came across the Foo Fighters shots I snapped (I took my dad to that show).

After you’re done going down our memory lane, grab your phone or computer and go through your pics and share a pic or video or two from your favorite show below. Maybe like some mythical rain dance, we can put enough good music karma out there to beat back COVD-19 and allow us to get back out there and revel to a live band like the savages we are – stranger things have happened, right?

Submit your photo or video that you took below and vote for your favorites. You can submit up to 3 photos or videos and you can vote once per day. We may even give out some prizes for voting or submitting, so make sure you leave us your phone number.

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