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Alkaline Trio Albums
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Tracing Alkaline Trio Albums: From Goddamnit to Is This Thing Cursed?

The influential band Alkaline Trio has significantly shaped the punk rock landscape. Their discography helped define 90s/00s pop punk’s raw emotion. This article provides an in-depth exploration of Alkaline Trio albums, tracing their evolution and their enduring impact on the punk rock scene. After you’ve explored all of the Alkaline Trio albums, take our Alk3 quiz to test your knowledge.


Goddamnit: The Dawn of The Alkaline Trio Albums

Alkaline Trio’s debut album, Goddamnit, is a time capsule from 1998, capturing the band’s initial raw energy and angst. The opening track, “Cringe,” proves their pop-punk bonafides, and the rest of the album follows suit.  Tracks such as “My Little Needle” and “Sorry About That” laid the groundwork for the band’s future themes and styles, marking the beginning of their journey.

Since its release, the debut is credited with rebuilding the Chicago punk scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s, according to Noisey.

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Maybe I’ll Catch Fire: An Ode to Self-Immolation and the Best Alkaline Trio Album

Maybe I’ll Catch Fire houses some of Alk3’s most beloved songs. Released in 2000 amidst the emo and pop-punk takeover of alternative music, Alkaline Trio manages to tap into both subgenres without going full Taking Back Sunday or Blink 182.

Maybe I’ll Catch Fire was the band’s final studio album for Asian Man Records and their last with drummer Glenn Porter. Porter was replaced by former Smoking Popes member Mike Felumlee after recording had finished, making his stage debut in December 1999.

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From Here to Infirmary: Breaking into the Mainstream

From Here To Infirmary marked a turning point for Alkaline Trio, propelling the band from the cult punk scene into mainstream audiences. Singles like “Stupid Kid” and “Private Eye” showcased the band’s ability to create compelling, relatable music that traveled a bit further than the Warped Tour crowd. The album has been described as a “classic of the pop-punk genre,” with its blend of punk rock energy and pop sensibility

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Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music: A Unique Alkaline Trio Album

In 2002, Alkaline Trio teamed up with fellow punk rock band Hot Water Music to release a split EP aptly titled “Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music.” This unique collaboration brought together two influential bands from Chicago and Gainesville, Florida, respectively, and was released through Jade Tree.

The EP features new material from both bands, but what makes it particularly interesting is the inclusion of cover versions of songs from each other’s catalogs. Alkaline Trio covered Hot Water Music’s “Rooftops” from the album No Division, while Hot Water Music covered Alkaline Trio’s “Radio” from “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire” and “Bleeder” from “I Lied My Face Off.”

This EP marked the first release by Alkaline Trio with drummer Derek Grant, who replaced previous drummer Mike Felumlee in July 2001. Despite the changes and challenges, the EP was well-received and peaked at #36 on the Billboard Top Independent Charts in July 2002.

Critics praised the EP, with Kevin Hoskins of Allmusic highlighting “Queen of Pain” and “God Deciding” representing each band’s best material. Jason Thompson of PopMatters also praised the tracks by Alkaline Trio, preferring Matt Skiba’s singing voice to Chuck Ragan’s of Hot Water Music. I disagree. While The Trio added cheese to Hot Water Music’s grit, I prefer the grit. Still, the EP is a great listen.


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Good Mourning: Perfecting the Blueprint

Good Mourning saw Alkaline Trio refining its sound and perfecting its blueprint. Despite the personal struggles faced by Matt Skiba during its creation, the album resulted in compelling art, marking a significant milestone in their career. Skiba has described the album as sounding “bigger, deeper, and rawer” than its predecessor, From Here to Infirmary. Good Mourning debuted at number 20 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 40,000 copies in its first week of release.

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Crimson: A Shift in Sound

“Crimson” shifted the band’s sound, introducing orchestral instrumentation, electronic elements, more piano, and slower songs. Despite criticism from older fans, it’s hard to deny that it’s Alkaline Trio’s most musically accomplished album.

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Agony & Irony: Polished but Divisive

Agony & Irony captures the band at their most polished, but it’s often considered the weak spot in their discography. Despite its polished production, the album failed to resonate with some long-time fans, marking a controversial phase in their career.

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This Addiction: A Return to the Roots of Alkaline Trio Albums

This Addiction saw the band returning to their roots, producing a record that harkened back to their early days. Despite the band’s struggles with addiction during its creation, the album reclaimed a little of the soul they’d lost while chasing success.

Overall, This Addiction is a notable album in Alkaline Trio’s discography, marking their return to a raw and aggressive punk rock sound. It was the band’s first release on their record label. This Addiction debuted at number 11 on the Billboard 200 chart, becoming the highest-charting album of Alkaline Trio’s career.


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My Shame Is True: A Personal Exploration

My Shame Is True finds Skiba in contrite and self-lacerating form, detailing romance gone awry. Despite some high points, it lacks a little of the universal punch that makes the band’s most personal material almost applicable to anyone.


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Is This Thing Cursed?: The Modern Era

“Is This Thing Cursed?” shows no signs of rust, despite the five years since they last recorded together. The album bears all the hallmarks of classic Alkaline Trio, imbued with all the gloom, nihilism, and melodic macabre that fans could wish for, marking their continued relevance in the modern music scene.

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FAQs Alkaline Trio Albums

  1. What was Alkaline Trio’s first album? Alkaline Trio’s first full-length album was “Goddamnit,” released in 1998. This album marked the beginning of their journey in the punk rock scene.
  2. How many albums has Alkaline Trio released? As of 2023, Alkaline Trio has released nine studio albums, each marking a significant phase in their musical evolution.
  3. What is Alkaline Trio’s most successful album? Commercially, “Crimson” is considered Alkaline Trio’s most successful album. It marked a shift in the band’s sound and introduced new elements that broadened their appeal.
  4. Who are the members of Alkaline Trio? Alkaline Trio consists of Matt Skiba, Dan Andriano, and Derek Grant. Their combined talents have contributed to the band’s unique sound and enduring appeal.
  5. What are some popular songs by Alkaline Trio? Some of Alkaline Trio’s most popular songs include “Radio,” “Time to Waste,” and “Mercy Me.” These tracks showcase the band’s ability to create compelling, relatable music.
  6. What genre is Alkaline Trio? Alkaline Trio is primarily considered a punk rock band. However, their discography showcases a range of influences and a willingness to experiment with different styles.

Conclusion to Alkaline Trio Albums

From their humble beginnings in the late 90s to their continued relevance in the modern music scene, Alkaline Trio’s discography is a testament to their talent, creativity, and enduring appeal. Their albums have shaped their career and significantly impacted the punk rock genre. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, exploring Alkaline Trio’s albums offers a fascinating journey through the evolution of punk rock.

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