Get X96 Mobile Alerts

Concert announcements and pre-sales, Lounge X announcement, contests, movie tickets to advanced screenings and more. Sign up for X96 Mobile Alerts and we’ll keep you in the loop wherever you are.

Just text JOIN to 33986 to sign up.

We won’t send you more than 3 alerts per week and you can opt out anytime by text back STOP. Message and data rates may apply.

You can also make requests, ask questions and tell us what’s on your mind anytime by texting us at 33986.

You can use these keywords:

  • WORKER: we will send an X96 Worker’s Union Card right to you phone.
  • UNION: X96 will send you the deals you can get with your X96 Worker’s Union Card.
  • MOVIES: Sign up for the X96 M.W.A. (Movie Watcher’s Association) and you’ll get first chance at winning advanced screen passes to new movies and other movie-related information.

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