Let's Go Eat With Derek and Moudi

Aren’t those beautiful french fries? They are, perhaps, the best fries in town and I was coerced into having some at Mazza by Moudi Sbeity. Well, coerced is probably not the right word. Moudi, his partner Derek and I were having lunch and recording an episode of The Let’s Go Eat Show (available on this web site under “Podcasts”) when I mentioned that the fries at Mazza were great.

“We should get some,” Moudi said, “they are great.”

“Moudi loves fries,” Derek said, or something to that effect and the next thing I knew, there they were and I had to have a few.


Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sebeity are the two men who set into motion (along with Laurie Wood & Kodi Partridge and Karen Archer & Kate Call) the chain of events that overturned Amendment 3 to the Utah Constitution. It is the lawsuit that will forever be known as KITCHEN vs. HERBERT and it’s why we now have same sex marriage in Utah.

I wasn’t feeling well when I went to meet these guys for the podcast, but when our lunch and talk was done I felt great because Derek and Moudi are two of the most positive people I’ve ever been around. I hope you get that feeling when you listen to The Let’s Go Eat Show; available here and also at; and on itunes and Stitcher.

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