Man gets Vaccinated 10 Times in 1 Day


Health experts in New Zealand are calling for one resident to seek medical assistance as soon as possible after he received at least 10 doses of the coronavirus vaccine in a single day.

The unidentified man recently visited more than 10 vaccination clinics over the course of one day, collecting a vaccination incentive from each, according to a report published by Stuff. In response to the report, New Zealand Health Minister Astrid Koornneef says more needs to be done to confirm the identities of those receiving their shots. “We are taking this matter very seriously,” Koornneef says. “We are very concerned about this situation and are working with the appropriate agencies.”

Nikki Turner, a professor at Auckland University, says it’s unclear how a vaccine overdose might affect someone. “This is definitely not recommended,” she says. “We have no evidence as to what side effects somebody would have with this amount of vaccine.” Koornneff says the individual should see a health professional “as soon as possible.”

Do you know anyone who would do something like this just to collect whatever incentives are being offered?

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