Thong Masks Have Arrived at New York Fashion Week


Dion Lee, an Australian designer who has dressed celebrities like Dua Lia, and Megan Fox is known for unique cutout designs, but as Fashion Week comes to an end, Dion’s latest trend is really standing out. . . Thong Masks.

At his latest runway show, his models wore thong-shaped fabric in a matching color to their outfits which covered only their noses and mouth.

Dion said, “I was looking at the idea of architectural facades and masks, obviously the influence of face coverings at the moment — feeling like it becomes part of your identity in a way.”

In a way, the design is pretty interesting, especially if they can get an N95 version with a Volcom logo or some shiny gems embedded. In the winter, the waist straps would keep your ears warm and it is rather sporty looking. It’s so sleek that I could see runners really latching on to this look. Perhaps some Nike swooshes or some Thor wings on the side. I am sure Oakly could build in some sort of sunglasses to really complete the look.

Really though, before you laugh this off you should really consider the possibilities of wearing thong panties on your head. Your engineering brain is already at work. Now go forth and raid your wife’s panty drawer, head to the garage, and engineer your way into a new side hustle. Hurry though, competition will come swiftly and you don’t want to be left out of bourgeoning markets and fortune!

Would you wear a thong-shaped mask?

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