UFO Watchers Mistake Goodyear Blimp for Alien Craft

In all fairness, the Goodyear Blimp isn’t nearly as well-known as it once was — which might explain why so many people mistook the huge airship for a UFO when it appeared over New Jersey.

In a video that went viral on Monday, the aircraft can be seen slowly moving across the sky as the uploader says, “Look! The whole street has f***ing stopped! It’s a f***ing flying spaceship!” He then pans down to reveal a number of Jersey motorists stopping their vehicles to gaze skyward in amazement. At least one other video offered a similar account, with the uploader adding, “The ship went up, a light was shining from it, like a beam. It was moving in, like, circles.”

In this case, it didn’t take a NASA official to bring UFO enthusiasts back down to Earth. One Twitter user simply zoomed in on the alleged alien spacecraft to reveal its true identity. “The amount of dumbf***s in New Jersey who think they saw a f***ing UFO — it was an f***ing Goodyear blimp,” he wrote. “All you had to do was have a high-def camera or keep it still enough you can see what’s on the side.”

Have you ever seen something in the sky you couldn’t explain? Have you ever embarrassed yourself by misidentifying something?

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