Utah Officials Chasing 40,000 Condoms

We’re in the news again – local, national, and international. Utah officials are sure to face ribbing over this! They’re trying to recover 40,000 state-themed condoms with package messaging since deemed too provocative by the Governor. The recalled contraceptives feature phrases like: “Enjoy Your Mountin’;” “Put Your Arch Into It;” and a simulated sports score of 6-to-9 between local towns Fillmore and Beaver (you’ve seen these in the news over the last couple of days, no doubt). The Salt Lake Tribune reports it was all part of an HIV and safe-sex public awareness campaign. State health officials have apologized. However, others say red-faced politicians shouldn’t get embarrassed and miss the bigger picture – the funny messages are working.

Also, according to Fox 13, “Sanders told Fox 13 the campaign was funded through federal, not state, funds from the Centers for Disease Control.”

Utah, can we try and stay out of the news? It’s not even February yet. The funny thing is, everyone seemed to love the idea and the condoms except the governor. X96 tried to reach out and save the wayward rain jackets but word got back that we couldn’t have them. Sad.

Perhaps we can get a Kickstarter going and have a monument built somewhere on Main Street in memory of Rubber-Gate.

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