Why Are Doctors Swallowing LEGO pieces?

If your kid managed to swallow a piece from the LEGO set, you can probably relax. Thanks to doctors following in the “noble tradition of self-experimentation,” they now know how long it will take to pass. Six researchers from Australia and the UK each sent the heads from LEGO people down the hatch and reported their findings in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.

While noting that parents should seek medical advice if their kid eats coins or batteries, anything sharp, long or wide, or magnetic, if it’s a small, smooth, plastic object, chances are it won’t be an issue. For most of the researchers, the LEGO passed in less than two days, adding “If anything, it is likely that objects would pass faster in a more immature gut.”
What’s the worst thing you’ve seen your child put in his/her mouth?

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