Woman Shaves Legs Using Sandpaper

You can learn all kinds of tricks from the internet, but this one is a doozy.

TikTok user @jules49of says that she learned to use sandpaper instead of razors to shave her legs on the social media app.

“I have been using a frickin’ razor all this time. Just some 600 grit sandpaper. Thank you, accountants, of TikTok,” said Jules.


New way to shave my legs! Thanks #accountantsoftiktok #lifehack #shaving #softskin #hairremoval #tryingnewthings #saywhat #noway

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So, does it really work? Jules did a follow-up video saying the “shave” lasted about 24 hours before she saw stubble.

Would you try shaving your legs with sandpaper? Have you learned any impressive tricks from TikTok videos?

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