9 Celebutard News – January 9, 2015

1. Call the Doctor: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan coming to FanX


Photo Courtesy of Sidewalks Entertainment

With time ticking away before the next Salt Lake Comic Con FanX event, “Doctor Who” stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have joined the celebrity lineup coming to Utah Jan. 29-31.

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2. Tina Fey: ‘Oh, heck yes’ I’ll crack Cosby jokes at the Globes


Photo Courtesy of ffffffme

Tina Fey isn’t afraid to take aim at Bill Cosby. Fey emphatically said viewers can expect some digs at the embattled comedian when she co-hosts the Golden Globes on Sunday.

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3. Jennifer Lopez: I’ve picked the ‘wrong f–king guys’


Photo Courtesy of Alan

“I’m a great girlfriend. And wife. Just picked the wrong f–king guys,” she revealed on Wednesday night’s season premiere of “American Idol.”

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4. ‘Star Wars’ actor Khan Bonfils dies after rehearsal collapse


Photo Courtesy of Enter Ghana

Khan Bonfils, an actor who’d appeared in both the James Bond and “Star Wars” franchises, died unexpectedly in London on Monday.

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5. Jamie Dornan fears he’ll be murdered like John Lennon


Photo Courtesy of Nigel Horsley

“I almost don’t want to put this out there into the ether, but I fear I’ll get murdered, like John Lennon, by one of those mad fans at the premiere,” the 32-year-old former Calvin Klein and Armani model said in Details’ February issue.

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6. Is Taylor Swift Prepared to Ruin Leo DiCaprio’s Babelicious Life?


Photo Courtesy of Panorama Mercantil

Despite a recent drop in model percentage at the party that is Leonardo DiCaprio’s life, the cargo-shorted film star has been enjoying endless summer for years now, answering to no one but his own beard. Taylor Swift, who sang a song at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show one time but is not a model, is reportedly prepared to destroy all of that.

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7. Jessica Chastain: I dropped out of high school


Photo Courtesy of Daniel Waks

Nobody knows this about me. I dropped out of high school,” the Oscar-nominated actress revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

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8. Matt LeBlanc Picks His Favorite ‘Friends’ Episodes


Photo Courtesy of The TV Observer

Unlike the rest of the world, Matt LeBlanc probably won’t be binge-watching every “Friends” episode now that it’s all on Netflix.

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9. Fred Armisen Has a Reputation


Photo Courtesy of Jd Lasica

First, that he’s funny and charming. And second, that his charm and humor mask something of a reputation.

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